The laboratory soil testing equipment consist of a Triaxial Testing Apparatus Model No. DTC-367 - Seiken Inc., which fulfills all the requirements of The Japanese Geotechnical Society (2000).

The triaxial equipment can solve the following types of problems:

  • static problems with strain level at 10-3 or greater (the main concern regarding the static problems is used to evaluate the degree of safety of foundations or soil structure against the failure);
  • dynamic problems with soils subjected to a strain levels as small as 10-6 (used to evaluate the soil strength in comparison with stresses induced by external loading and the settlement of ground or structures associated with the deformation of soils.


The equipment has the following specifications and components:

  • Triaxial Cell equipped with Water-proof and Pressure-proof Load cell 3kN
    • Air bushed piston of extremely small friction
    • Specimen Size: Diameter 50mm X 100mm
    • Lateral Pressure Capacity: Max. 1Mpa
    • Axial Loading Capacity: 5kN
  • Vertical Pressure Loading Unit with Air & Water Panel
    • Static Vertical Loading: Electric Strain Control by Mechanical jack, Capacity 5kN, (0.002 – 2 mm/min. Step-less variable type)
    • Dynamic Vertical Loading: Stress Control by Pneumatic bellofram cylinder, Capacity 2kN
    • Lateral & Back Pressure Loads: Both 0 – 1Mpa by Air regulators, Manual operation
    • Volume Change Apparatus: Double tube burette type 25ml
    • Master Gauge: Dia.200 ×1Mpa, Min. div. 1/500
  • Pneumatic Sine Loader
    • Electric-Pneumatic pressure conversion type & Loading control type
    • Range of Vibration: 0.001 – 2 Hz
    • Loading Wave: Sine wave
    • Setting of Load: Both Static Bias & Dynamic loading are 1000 Division, Potentiometer type
    • Loading Number of Times: Random Preset type with 6 Figures Digital Counter
    • Pneumatic Pressure Capacity: 1Mpa
    • Electric Power Source: AC Single phase local voltage
  • Transducers & Amplifier
    • Inner Load Cell: 2kN or 500N
    • Large Vertical Displacement Transducer: 25mm
    • Pores Water Pressure Transducer: 1Mpa
    • Small Vertical Displacement Transducers (gap sensors) +/- 1mm & Amplifiers
    • Lateral Pressure Transducer: 1Mpa
    • Volume Change Transducer: 25ml
    • Amplifier suitable for the above converter: 5ch.



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