The seismic network donated by JICA was installed in 2003 by staff of OYO Seismic Instrumentation, Building Research Institute (Japan) and of the National Center for Seismic Risk Reduction (NCSRR) – the implementing agency in Romania of the JICA Project.

Seismic network is composed by:

  • Five free-field seismic stations  ETNA Kinemetrics (outside Bucharest) for ground motion attenuation analysis (installed on the SW direction starting from Vrancea epicentral area toward Bucharest in Focsani, Ramnicu Sarat, Urziceni, Ploiesti and Giurgiu)

  • Six seismic stations Kinemtrics K2 for site effects assessment (in Bucharest) with sensors at ground surface (close to free-field conditions) and in boreholes at two levels of depth: the first level at about 30m depth and the second level between 50m and 153m depth. At all the stations the soil profile of the boreholes is known, and NCSRR and Tokyo Soil Corp. (Japan) performed down-hole tests with JICA donated equipments.

  • Four seismic stations Kinemetrics K2 for structural monitoring with sensors at top and bottom of the buildings

For all seismic stations sampling rate is set at 100Hz, pre-trigger time is 30s, post-trigger time is 60s, and full scale is ±2g for all stations. For Kinemetrics stations time is set by GPS.



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